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The One Site “You Auto Know.” Women Auto Know takes the fear out of auto repair by helping better auto shops and encourage educated drivers.

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“It has been my pleasure to work with Audra and I continue as a strong believer in what she does especially her educational outreach for youth and seniors.”

Robert Sinclair

Manager Media Relations, AAA New York

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Women Auto Know

This Spring Audra Fordin launches her all new “Auto Know” website founded on the principles that everyone should be a safe driver, passenger and consumer. Women Auto Know focuses on the busy female driver and what she needs to have a “Person to Person” relationship with her auto repair or body shop mechanic.

Shops will rely on Audra to support their mission to bring in women and their families to their shop to educate not intimidate, show and tell, tell not sell, so the auto shop can do a great shop servicing their community and maintain loyalty with their customers.