If you want to be a better driver, join the 200,000 mile club, and speak to mechanics with confidence… this book is definitely for you!

Audra Fordin, certified mechanic and founder of Women Auto Know, reveals a small but powerful antidote to auto anxiety: mindfulness. Being mindful of your vehicle’s needs will help you prevent breakdowns and expensive repairs. If you take care of your car now, you could join the 200,000 mile club later. Buy your copy of, “End Auto Anxiety: No Fear Car Repair for Women,” today and discover…

• 6 Mistakes Some Mechanics Make
• What to Do When Your Car Breaks Down
• Why You Should Never Ask for a Tune Up
• 14 Things Smart Drivers Keep in Their Car
• How to Be Mindful of Your Vehicle’s Needs
• And Much More!

The eBook is now available for purchase on Amazon! Read or listen to the book on any device, anytime. Whether you are looking for more information, preparing for the worst, or experiencing the worst this book is for you.

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