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Rumor has it, it’s an intimidating experience going to the auto shop, that often leaves us feeling insecure and unsure of what we’ve paid for. Especially women!  If you agree, you’re in the right place! 

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Women Auto Know is a FREE membership-based site that takes the fear out of auto repair. A community that posts reviews sharing honest feedback, encouraged by their local PPA & Pledged Auto Repair shops earned trust, high expectations, and other community connector – driver mindful attributes, WAK has turned the auto industry on its head with Driver Auto Know Person to Person Advisor and Pledged Auto Shop Programs.

Through education, community feedback, and peer to peer support, Drivers Auto Know PPA and Pledged auto shops provide women and drivers everywhere with the confidence they need to be proactive, to save time and money and increase their automobiles’ performance.


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PPA’s & Pledged Auto Shops are influencers (PPA & PAS) and leaders in the auto industry and their community, committed to providing the best education and marketing tools to reach, connect, sustain, and grow  their customer base while making our roads a safer place.  

Drivers Auto Know, Person to Person Advisor (PPA)  are the Ambassadors of the Drivers Auto Know Pledged Auto Shop (PAS) Program Created by: Women Auto Know.

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